My Blog’s Lack of Organization

You must be wondering at the pattern at which I post the things I post here. Thing is, there is no pattern. Even I, myself, don’t make any mental pattern to the topics I rant or talk about.

Basically, whenever something surfaces to inspire me, I click on “New Post” and write. Sometimes, it’ll take three or five words. Sometimes, three or five sentences. Sometimes, it’s just the topic. Sometimes, it’s just from one word. I believe that anything can be an inspiration to you depending on how you find or see it.

This post took 93 words to be written at first draft. And when my mind shuts off and my source of internal inspiration is gone, I go researching about what topic I was ranting about. Usually, I let myself be absorbed to articles and blogs in relation to my current topic. And when that doesn’t work as well, I stop and save it; ultimately allowing my mind to further think about it and create a mental monologue and take down key points of said monologue.

There are other times, too, when I reread the drafts I made and felt as if I have completely squeezed out any inspirations left. These drafts are then placed in my Trash where I find verdict on them a few days later.

But why am I writing this post?

Well, it’s simple: I want to apologize for the current lack of organization in this blog. I know and have read about how having stuff like Tea Time Tuesdays (though I certainly won’t have that, seeing as I’m not that fan of anything not milk or soda) are helpful for the followers to keep in track of my posts. But as of the moment, I’m letting my thoughts wander freely and allow them to go out of my head and through my hands by themselves. I feel as if organizing my blog is still too early to do when I haven’t even filled out all of my categories and reached 100 posts.

Maybe by then, I’ll think of it. I do want a little order myself, anyway.

But until then, I hope you guys would understand why I am so random in my posting that I could just categorize any post as Random Rantings and tag them random. Okay, ’nuff random in one post about random.

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