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The Trisha Malone Awesomeness List

Hi, Trisha!

You probably don’t know me and to be completely honest, while I’ve seen you around the Teen Tag or commenting enthusiastically in other blogs, I am not exactly familiar with your blog too.

But that’s the beauty of Blogger’s Secret Santa, isn’t it? We get to know other awesome blogs! 😀

In that case, my name is Kate and one thing that I like is making lists. Like seriously. I just love lists. But that’s all you need to know about me for now! Because this post is all about you and the many forms of awesomeness that I honestly believe you possess.

That said, after two weeks of (discreetly) stalking and binge-reading your blog, here’s what I got:


  • Your teardrop background is so adorable! I love the vibrancy and how it suits your personality. Speaking of…
  • Your personality literally bleeds out of every post in your blog. Seriously. It’s amazing because, from your first ever post and up to your latest one, there’s that same witty and genuine voice. And honestly? I am completely jealous.
  • You write! I mean, sure, I guess we all write here, being bloggers and all. But man, you finished writing a novel! And already plotting another! I know from experience (aka: attempted and never got past chapter 2) that to create a 110k word-beast takes huge amounts of dedication and the passion to write. Plus you also write poems!
  • You braved and won Nanowrimo! Again, commitment and a huge truckload of dedication!
  • You are a passionate person. And you are so open about it. The way you talk about Twenty One Pilots and going to a Pentatonix concert…wow. It all comes back to how your personality seems to jump out of the screen. I bet with my one and only unicorn stuff toy (yes, I’m that sure) that it’s because you’re a writer. 😉
    It makes people excited reading you talk about excited things and outraged when you share outrageous ones. And by the way, your mom’s family sucks. But it’s their loss not to have you and your fam for Christmas.
  • You made the Recipe of Me Tag! One of the most unique and imaginative tags I’ve seen in the here. I keep thinking of witches, for some reason 😄
  • You are so opinionated. And combined with your amazing personality, your blog just feels like this authentic place so unique to its own. There will be people who will disagree with your views but that still doesn’t erase the fact that it will reel them in because of how firm you stand on your ground on a certain issue—which, in my opinion, is an amazing feat to have. And yes, I completely agree: equal pay so everyone can buy chocolate!
  • You’re so honest and did I mention, open? Oh, and brave.
    I think it takes a big bulk of courage to share the things you do—the good ones and the all-time-lows. And I really admire people like you in the blogosphere because to tell sensitive parts of your life to people you probably haven’t met in real life? To virtually put yourself out there? That takes more than guts. And I feel so honored to be part of a community you entrust these personal stories to, if that makes any sense. 🙂

So here’s the thing. I know that I will never be able to fully understand what you’ve been and are currently going through. I know it’s not much but I hope that this little list will be able to help, even a tiny bit. To know that there are people here who acknowledge your blog’s existence. And not just acknowledge, but love it for what it is.

And here’s where I’ll disagree with you: no, your blog is not pointless.

The genuine attitude you constantly show speak to so many people and I’m sure that your blog has impacted them. And the thing is, courage makes ripples. Maybe right now, you’re still in the third or fourth one. But give it time. Someday soon, it will reach the other side of the lake 🙂

And so thank you for being here. For being strong and standing back up, every single time. For being so honest and open to this community. For being you–bags the size of elephants and all 🙂

Merry Christmas and I hope you’ll have a wonderful year ahead!

Kate 🎄

P.S. I’m looking forward to the changes your blog will have next year! And your posts about books, because book is love yo!

This is my post in participation to the awesome Teenella’s Blogger’s Secret SantaHope y’all have an awesome Christmas Day, awesome peeps!