Looking Back and Looking Forward

Hello hello all of you lovely people of the Interwebs!

Today is the last day of the year! I’m sure lots of you are just jumping for joy, so excited to say goodbye to 2016. But as I’ve said last Wednesday, there were good things that happened this year, right?

And so for this last post of the year, I want to share to you all not just the drawings I did this month (because it’s the end-of-the-month creative review as well) but also looking back on 2016 and forward to 2017.

This could be rather long so I’ll just breeze through the pictures. You could click on them if you want a closer look, of course πŸ™‚

These were scanned because I got a printer/scanner and I wanted to try out scanning me works. πŸ˜€ I adjusted the brightness and contrast in the scanning software itself which is why the background for some is gray. I was too lazy to adjust things in Photoshop but I’ll definitely try that out sometime.

These four I drew just this week and I was (again) too lazy to scan them. And I feel like they would lose that inked feel when scanned. Also, ohmigosh! It’s been so long since I drew a purely inked work!

Looking Back

So here are some personal highlights of 2016:

  • I turned 18. Pahaha! And I didn’t feel as mature as the 8-year-old me expected I would be at this age. I want to feel sorry for my 8-year-old self’s unreached expectation. But honestly? I’m not. I like myself just as I am. And if a part of me will change in the future? I’ll like that too.
    People, this is gonna be cliche but I don’t care: love your self. Love your self as you are now and when you do change (and it will happen), love your self just as much.
  • I made new awesome blogger friends! And even had a chance to email a few. I want to thank Kiya of Flawed Silence, especially, for letting me be a dope in my first comment on her blog–and on every blog post of hers, every email, and every Instagram post of hers onwards. She is just super kind and so awesome to talk to πŸ™‚ But hey, lots of you are awesome too! Ash of Teenella for being so sweet when I had that impulsive email (you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ ), childofcynicism for being a crazy amazing human being. And to everyone! If I can I want to go to your houses and shout ‘thank you’ and hug you all, however creepy that sounds. 😅
  • I learned watercolor. It’s amazing how I thought of watercolor as this daunting thing just a year ago. That I couldn’t possibly make something decent from it.
    Now how about you? Off the top of your head, think of one thing you think you can’t possibly achieve. Have one? Well, I’m telling you from personal experience: it is possible.

Those are three things, right? No. All the lessons I’ve learned in 2016 are all interrelated with these three things. Growth, self-love, my perspective in life, making friends, spreading love, knowing the limits of one’s creativity (spoiler alert: only you build your limits)

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Which is why they are my highlights for 2016. Funnily enough, each represents one of the three aspects of this blog–inspiration, passion and creativity respectively. πŸ˜€

My Goals for 2017

  • Discover more blogs to follow and make more blogger friends.
  • Pass my majors
  • Read more nonfictions and poems (because you don’t have to tell me to read novels; it’s a given)
  • Make use of my own illustrations and doodles for blog graphics
  • Give my second blog more blog design lovin’ (translation: revamp Tattered Manuscripts)

I don’t really want to be ambitious, goals-wise. I just want to concentrate on a few things that I want to improve, is all. And that’s because my plans for 2017 is a leeeeetle bit ambitious.

My Plans for All the Trinkets next year:

  • Create a newsletter (it’s actually in the works now hee~)
  • This isn’t in the blog per se but I plan on doing some inked doodles for 365 days starting on January 1. I will be posting each drawings everyday on my Instagram art account. But you can also see them here in my blog because starting next year, I’ll…
  • Create a separate page for my artworks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end-of-the-month creative review but it could slow the loading time of the post with all the pictures. So I’m making a page specifically for them which I’ll update every end of the month.
  • A secret art project that I hope to finish before the end of 2017 πŸ™‚

So…yeah. Those are my goals and plans for 2017. πŸ™‚

Now I just want to thank you all, like seriously all of you, for being so awesome and supportive and just plain amazing people. I’ll never get tired of saying that being here and joining this community was one of the best decisions that I’ve made in my entire life! <3

So thank you, all you lovely unicorns and turtles and…are there dolphins here? All of you! Thank you.

I hope to see you all next year and to see new faces and discover new blogs as well. πŸ™‚

May you have a SPECTABULOUSLY FANTAMAZING year ahead! 🎉🎆

8 Replies to “Looking Back and Looking Forward”

  1. Loved this post!! I loved the drawings! You should make a tutorial on how to pain galaxies with watercolor!! XD XD And hope you reach all your goal for 2017!! Looking forward to the things you planned for your blog!!! XD
    Happy new year!! Have an awesome day!! XD

  2. LOVE your Holly Golightly.

  3. I LOVE you so much! You’re jch a positive and nice person. Have a great 2017 xx

  4. You’re very welcome!! XD
    And awww thank you! I’m looking forward to yours too! Happy new year!!

  5. Awesome post! Have a great New Year!!! πŸ™‚

  6. AHHHHHHHH happy new year! May 2017 be your year! :*

  7. I LOVE YOUU <33333333333333333333

  8. Your drawing are beautiful! πŸ™‚

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