6 Places I Go Online to Be Inspired

6 Places I Go Online to be Inspired | There are places I go online to get my regular dose of inspiration. Here are 6.

As much as I love the Internet, I know that like any other thing, there’s a good side and a bad side to everything. Good and bad always coexists, yeah?

But I think we netizens all know how far bad our other fellow Internet dwellers can go. I mean, we have names for them now. Trolls, haters, copycats, among so many others. At times, this fact gets to me and makes me sad.

6 Places I Go Online to be Inspired | There are places I go online to get my regular dose of inspiration. Here are 6.

So what do I do?

I remind myself of the places online that never fail to make me happy and inspired. Here they are:

Brain Pickings

Here’s the thing. Outside checking out announcements posted in my classes’ group pages, I hardly open Facebook now. My News Feed is not the best thing and I’d rather get myself lost in Pinterest or WordPress. But every once in a while, I check the Brain Pickings Facebook Page and it never disappoints. Seriously, NEVER.

Admittedly, I really need to give an article my entire focus. I don’t read Brain Pickings articles when I have something to do because I could get immersed in them easily and they’re usually pretty long. But still. I love them so much.

Here are my favorite ones recently:

Fixed vs Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets that Shape Our Lives

Buddhist Economics: How to start Prioritizing People over Products and Creativity over Consumption

Why “Psychological Androgyny” is Essential for Creativity

In Defense of Boredom: 200 Years of Ideas on the Virtues of Not-Doing from Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds

Smart Twenties

Smart Twenties is personal development blog run by Sam. I mean, I still have one more year before I enter the Land of the Twenties but I can already relate to the struggles Sam shares in her blog. Probably because a lot of people tell me I’m mature for my age, but ehhh. Here are some of her posts that I super love:

How to Achieve Your Goals Even When You Don’t Feel Motivated

An Honest Post About Self-Confidence

5 Ideas For When Your Life Feels Messy

50 TED Talks for Twenty Somethings (and believe me, even if you’re still far from the Land of Twenties on both directions, these TED Talks are still must-watch ones) Speaking of which…


I mean, come on! You all know how much I love TED, right?? They have a mobile app and a regularly updated YouTube channel and I recently learned about Adam Savage and how amazingly passionate he is. It’s kinda hard to choose my favorite TED talks but here are some unforgettable ones:

How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries | Adam Savage

The Shared Experience of Absurdity | Charlie Todd

How Many Lives Can You Live? | Sarah Kay (*whispers excitedly* my hero <3)

Why People Believe They Can’t Draw – And How to Prove They Can | Graham Shaw

Nat and Lo

Nat and Lo both work at Google and, if you’re not familiar with it, Google has this 20% time where you have a time to work on something that you came up with. It’s called the 20% Project. For Nat and Lo, they decided to create a YouTube channel where they share the things in Google that they are curious about.

They’re relatively new, having been around for only more than a year with more or less 20 episodes. But they have really cool content so I’m super excited about what else they feature.

A Journey to the Bottom of the Internet

Why is Android So Obsessed with Sweets?

What does YouTube Do To Your Video After You Upload It?

The Google App’s New Voice


Obvs. I can get lost in Pinterest for the whole day just reading contents and infographics or even absorb all the inspiring art Pinned there. And unlike Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, I wouldn’t mind getting lost in Pinterest, honestly. Because I get to learn things plus look at wonderful visuals <3


Of course WordPress is part of this list. I consider WordPress as my virtual home but unlike my physical home turf, I have yet to fully wandered all over WordPress and I don’t think I ever will. It’s an amazing platform with this amazing community. Everyday, every second even, there’s a new post published and you could really guarantee that about 95% of these posts are inspiring and thought-provoking.

I may make a list of amazing bloggers that continue to inspire me someday but for now, let’s leave this at that. 🙂

Where do you go online to find inspiration? Share your thoughts!

Happy virtual-wandering, awesome peeps!

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  1. TED, yes! There is so much inspiration there but it’s still not popular enough! I’ve literally spend so many hours watching videos, more people should do it as well!

  2. Thanks for sharing it! So helpful!

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