How Blogging Helped Me Grow Academically

How Blogging Helped Me Grow Academically | It’s funny how I partially use blogging to escape my academic woes. And blogging, bless it, helped me grow and improve some skills that are useful in school.

It’s funny how I partially use blogging to escape my academic woes. Whenever I’m having headaches because of groupmates who drain my brain cells faster than the current political news, I’ll be like, “AHHHH I’ll open WordPress to replenish brain cells!”

And where did that get me?

Blogging, bless it, helped me grow and improve some skills that are useful in school.

Who knew it would turn that way, eh? 😀

How Blogging Helped Me Grow Academically | It’s funny how I partially use blogging to escape my academic woes. And blogging, bless it, helped me grow and improve some skills that are useful in school.

1 – Essays are easier to write

By far, this is what amazed me the most. A few weeks ago, I had to scrounge up a terminal report in less than 12 hours. (Don’t follow me, kids.) And if this happened three years ago, I would have already run my way to the teacher’s office, prattled my list of excuses and begged for at least a 12-hour extension.

But college doesn’t really work that way—unless you’ve got a really valid excuse, like you were in an accident or something. But it surprised me how, now, it is so easy for words to come out of my mind and into fingers pressing keys.

I like to think that my (very loose) writing process for blogging helped a lot with organizing my thoughts and on proofreading as well 🙂

2 – Better photo-editing!!! (And on that note, video-editing!)

This one was unexpected.

I know photo-editing is important when you have your own blog, and especially if you do everything by yourself. But I never knew that I’ll need this same photo-editing skill for school.

In another example of a recent project-cramming (that, again, you kids shouldn’t follow) I had to create a 14-page magazine that serves as the final exam for one of my minors. I can’t be totally blamed this time since my groupmates were too busy with their majors to give a rat’s butt on this teeny tiny minor subject. (And no, these weren’t the brain-cells-draining groupmates I mentioned earlier.)

But I was on the verge of pulling my hair out in anxiousness with how chill they all seem.

Image result for frustration gif
“The deadline is in TWO-FREAKIN-DAYS, guys???”

I never not pass a project. And I never do things half-heartedly. So I bought glossy paper and asked them for their individual articles and started editing each page. With two days left before deadline.

And by some kind of miracle, I finished everything in a day. Until now, I cry at how agonizing that day was.

I’m really thankful for my stash of royalty-free images, graphics, and fonts. I also wouldn’t be able to work so fast if I didn’t use Photoshop that frequently for my blog.

And so again, bless you, blogging.

3 – Communicating with other people online

Did you know that the Kate pre-blogging was shy both in real-life and online? I was a lurker. I didn’t reach out to practical strangers and I only occasionally chatted with my friends on Facebook (because, pft duh, we see each other the next-freaking-day anyway.)

Gosh, I didn’t even have Instagram and Twitter three years ago!

If I was still a lurker today, I don’t think Cait of Paperfury (OMG my ultimate book-blogger hero!) would ever notice my wee presence in the Twitter-sphere. (Yep, I’m making my own word hahaha)

Blogging helped me in having the guts to reach out to people online. First in blogs’ comments, then emailing bloggers, and then in social media. The reassurance that these fellow bloggers are all awesome and gracious enough to tolerate my weirdness (and had cute and amazing quirks themselves) had a HUGE impact on me and built my self-confidence.

And I’ll never (I mean never) get tired of saying THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL YOU AMAZING UNICORNS/LLAMAS/NARWHALS/ALPACAS/DRAGONS for being the amazing people that y’all are <3

How did blogging helped your life? I would love to hear your stories!

Happy blogging, awesome peeps!

17 Replies to “How Blogging Helped Me Grow Academically”

  1. This is so relatable. Blogging has helped me with essays and editing. Writing long texts come easily to me now. Great post.

  2. Blogging definitely helped me with my social skills! Not only online but also offline. Writing, both for school and for fun, has become so much easier and my English has improved! I’m now almost fluent and make a lot less spelling errors. Great post!

    1. I totally understand this! It’s not my native language but through blogging, my writing has improved. Thank you, Lia!

  3. I SO agree with this!! 🙂 I’ve become so much more confident in real life and on the blog; I can now ask for help more easily; interacting with people makes me happy. Ahh, I love your blog so much!! You’re basically an inspiration for me 😀

  4. Blogging has helped in so many ways but the main thing that it has done for me is help me get better from my anxiety and depression.

  5. Wonderful post! I’m glad blogging has helped you so much. 🙂 I am a very shy and somewhat guarded person, and have terrible social anxiety in the non-virtual world, so blogging has been a fantastic outlet for talking to people and opening up. 🙂

  6. Yes, I agree with all your points so much! and HAHA YAAAS CAIT IS MY ULTIMATE BOOK BLOGGER HERO. <3 I mean, I'm a generally better and less shy person in the blogosphere, but it's definitely helping me in real life too!

    1. YAAAS SHE IS THE DRAGON QUEEN <3 I totally understand that! I think I let myself loose more in the blogosphere than in real life, but I can't help it especially when the people are so warm here 😀 I'm glad blogging helps you online and in real life!

      1. Love her so muuuuch. XD And yes! Sometimes I think the bloggers are TOO kind. XD

  7. I sure hope it will help you too! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blogosphere, it never fails to make me happy that other people find comfort and happiness through blogging. Looking forward to seeing more of you! 🙂

  8. awesome to read how blogging has helped my unicorn flourish even more x

    for me, blogging has allowed me to develop some social skills, and also maintained my creativity and created somewhere to share it with others

  9. Even though I started blogging recently, I’ve noticed how I improved my writing. I had to write a paper for English a couple of weeks ago, and honestly, I feel like sharing my thoughts online had made me more open and able to use more of vocabulary:) then, obviously, social skills and new friends, something I came to WordPress for! 😉

  10. KATEEEEEE ikr and it’s entirely my fault for becoming silent in the virtual world. I’m trying to keep in touch every now and then and AH YOUR ART GIVE AWAY FOR BLOGGERS ARE AMAAAAAZING! It’s so magical xo

    1. I’m sure it’s with good reason. School always wants to be top priority, the attention-seeking goblin XD
      D’awwww gorsh thank yoouuuu! Though I think your words are even more magical; it’s the epitome of enchanting <3

  11. Psssst your blog is full of inspiration for me xo

    1. And yours is full of inspiration for me <3

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