12 Things that Definitely Don’t Define You

Maybe this is just me. But I’ve recently noticed how a lot (not all, let me tell you) of the people around me define who they are by what they have. And it feels irritating. Most of these things are quite materialistic. It doesn’t make sense.

But, I’ll be honest: it also feels suffocating.

I feel like I am suddenly drowning in oxygen. This defining that people around me do also makes me doubt myself and my self-worth. They’re like strong ocean waves hitting the rocky cliff that is my self-confidence. You would think, at first glance, the waves have no effect at all with the cliff. But gradually, the cliff is eroding. Pebble by pebble.

The waves do have an effect on the cliff. They do change it.

And so, this listicle is for those who think they’re not good enough and not worthy because of certain things they have or don’t have much as it is a reminder for myself.

12 Things that Definitely Don't Define You | I list some things that I think definitely does not define a person. Because I’m lowkey mad at this and this is my way to vent. (Also I really can’t help using parentheses hahaha)

> Your college degree

> Your grades

> Where you study for your exams
(This has become a sort of status symbol over here where I’m from. I mean, to me, it doesn’t make sense to go to some faraway coffee shop just to study. But to each his own, I guess.
But when students are whining, “I need to go to Starbucks to study!” and end up just chatting with their friends or checking on their phones–their books obviously screaming, “Notice me, senpai!” yo, come on. I know their textbooks. But they’re still books, respect them!)

> Your preferences (Like do you like seafood or no. )

> How you dress (Like with that friend I talked about in my post for Kiya’s Project Taboo)

> Your religious beliefs

> Having a car
(Oh my lord, this one. People initially want to get their own car because of the dreadful traffic. What they don’t realize is this:
Their own car + Philippines’ generally two-lane roads = Even worse traffic!
My family regularly gets an earful of this from me whenever the news discusses about our traffic problems, but I’ll save you from that hehe)

> Your skin color

> The number of followers and likes you have on social media

> Your hobbies (unless it’s killing people, then you’re definitely a psychopath)

> What books you read (Okay? OKAY??)

> What animal person you are (Or mythical creature person. You love unicorns, so what? You’re not crazy! I’m not crazy!)

Notice how all the things I mentioned above could be a part of who you are? Because they could be a part of who you are.

But that doesn’t mean one or two of them could define you.

They are simply parts that, together with other parts, make up who you are.

What are other things do you think does not define who you are? Share your thoughts!

Have an inspired day, awesome peeps! <3

14 Replies to “12 Things that Definitely Don’t Define You”

  1. Yes to what books you have, religion, hobbies, and skin color! Also, YOU LIVE IN THE PHILIPPINES??? THAT’S SO AWESOME! My family is Thai, but we live in America, and it’s so cool to meet other Asian bloggers! And yuuuuuus to “these things are a part of you but don’t define you”. Lovely post, Kate!

    1. Oh hey, fellow Asian peep! 😀 It is lovely to meet other Asian bloggers! Thank you so much, May! 😀

  2. This is such a nice post. And I agree, two-lane roads + a car = traffic!!

    1. I’m from the PH too that’s why I totally get you

      1. Oh hey! Oh gosh, I know right? Especially when some cars are double parking in a tiny road and there’s barely any space left ahhhh

        1. It adds more traffic and it’s really frustrating!! 🙁

  3. This is so true! Excellent post. 😀 So many times people try to define themselves and others by certain things that only make up PART of who they are, just like you said. People are such complex creatures, it’s impossible to define them in such a simple and objective manner.
    It makes me think of my older brother who has autism. He is so many things all at once, and autism is only one part of what makes him him. Or me with my anxiety. I’ll admit, sometimes my own anxiety makes it feel like it is the driving force of my life, but really it isn’t. It’s just one of the many things that is a part of the overall picture. No different than my love for pugs! lol
    Also, I had a good chuckle at “Your hobbies (unless it’s killing people, then you’re definitely a psychopath)”. 😛

    1. “People are such complex creatures, it’s impossible to define them in such a simple and objective manner.” See what I mean? Your comments are super insightful! I was literally refraining myself from screaming “THIS IS SOOO TRUE!” because the rest of my family is still sleeping when I read this XD
      You’re definitely right. My profound weirdness, your brother’s autism and your anxiety are parts of who we are but they don’t define us 🙂 Thank you for sharing! <3

      1. Aw, haha, thank you! That’s exactly how I felt when I was reading your post. 😀 I was like “YESSSS!!” lol

  4. Yes yes yes! I especially relate to the social media one because I’m still in school, and people just get so hung up on it it drives me insane! Really nice post by the way! Xx

    1. Agh social media. I have a love-hate relationship with it. But yes, we need constant reminder that the numbers in social media shouldn’t define our self-worth 🙂 Thank you so much! Hope you have an awesome day 🙂

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