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How Far Will You Go?

If that title made you think of Moana then ohmigosh we should definitely talk and fangirl about the movie sometime!

How Far Will You Go | This is a different post than usual. I just needed to vent. Hopefully, you get something from it :)

But… it saddens me to tell you that what you’ll be reading below is not the self-doubting yet hopeful mood that the song has. Though,I guess I could say it has something to do with career and passion. Something that I also learned from Moana. Though maybe that’s just me. I mean, pfft, can you imagine a Disney animated film that talks about career?

While, yes, career is there in several Disney movies like Zootopia, it’s merely minor.

I learned something recently. Something within our degree program, Accountancy. Something that made me feel less proud of some of my fellow accountants-to-be.

Here’s the thing, Accountancy is one of our university’s crèmes of the crop. But the Accountancy program is also known for being vicious—and I mean that with utmost respect and awe. Your Accounting teacher will usually greet you, not with warm hearts, but a word of warning on your first day.

Kinda like when Snape said there won’t be any wand-waving or silly incantations in Potions?

“You’ll calculate liquidations, balance the sheets, and even make… financial reports.”

Long story short: Accountancy is…taxing. Pun not intended. And most Accounting students learn to find a way to pass through every difficult quizzes and exams and surprise oral recitations and final projects. It’s a hard knock life and we’re a tenacious bunch who will do everything to survive.

But then so is every other college student, right?

We have no valid reason to say, “Well what we do is harder” much as other students taking another degree has none.

College is a menacing goblin to everyone.

Which is why I wanna go back to that part that made me lose my respect for some of my fellow Accounting peeps. I learned some crossed a line no college student is supposed to cross—both for the ethical/moral reasons as…well, it doesn’t help prepare them for life after college.

They cheated. But that’s nothing shocking. The shocking part is that they cheated in a major exam that was supposed to determine if they’re still competent to continue on to the next year. Because, see, if you didn’t pass it? You’re advised to shift to a different degree.

And some of them had the gall to be proud of what they’ve done. Posting “THANK YOU LORD!” on Facebook and calling themselves Immortals (long story) and brandishing the Fourth Year label beside their names like a freakin-badge.

Yes, I’m angry.

I’m angry for my close friends who didn’t pass even though they tried their damndest and studied, oh gosh, since day-freakin-one. I’m angry because these cheats thought they were unstoppable now, boasting a status they certainly did not deserve.

But most of all, I’m angry because some people missed the entire point of that exam. The entire point of our degree program’s viciousness. The entire point of tertiary education.

And the entire point of Disney films like Zootopia.

Yes, your career is important. It is a significant part of life. And striving hard to someday have the career you want is something many of us understand. But nothing should ever make you consider stripping away your moral responsibility and dismissing your questioning if what you’ve done is good. Not college. Not even for the sake of your career.

So, to my fellow millennials, let me ask you this: to pass your subjects or to get your dream career, what sacrifices are you willing to make? How far will you go?