I’m Taking A Blogging Break (+ Update on Drawings)

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I heard it’s final exams for our friends over there in the UK? Hope you’re all doing okay and you have someone over at the other side of the world cheering for you πŸ˜€

The same goes for anyone who’s having exams or getting busy on projects/college/work/prepping their underground shelter in case of the apocalypse. I’m here for all of you and please don’t overexert yourselves <3 (especially when bringing your bookshelves to the underground shelter. Make the books a priority, let the zombies have the bookshelves ;))

Anyway, I just wanna tell y’all that because I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately and I can’t seem to find my writing groove, I’ll be taking a break on posting for the rest of May. Hopefully I’ll be able to be back by June. So that’s the mini announcement!

I’ll still be active in WordPress, though, and I plan on spending more time this month looking for new blogs to follow πŸ˜€ So I’m still here, just with no new post until June.

That said, here are the drawings I recently finished the past couple of weeks.

I’ve also updated the Art Archive page because, mygosh, it hasn’t been updated since January!

Over to you: What are y’all up to? Share your latest blog post or if you know a blogger you think I”ll like, share it below!

Happy blogging, awesome peeps!

16 Replies to “I’m Taking A Blogging Break (+ Update on Drawings)”

  1. OOOH NEW ART *fangirls*

  2. Aw, sad to see you go! I hope you have a nice break, though. I miiiiight need to take one because of exams and stress, but probably not. XD AGAHAGAG I just LOVE your drawings, Kate. They are soooooo beautifuuuuuuul. <3

  3. Have a good rest, and remember: no rogue posting!
    Part of taking a break from writing in general should make you miss it until it tears at you (exaggeration furthers understanding). Have a lovely may! ❀

  4. They are beautiful Kate!
    Enjoy your break!

  5. Having college entrance exam on Wednesday

  6. Nice drawings! So talented.

  7. You’re welcome

  8. Wow, I absolutely LOVE the new drawings!! πŸ˜€
    I’ve been in kind of a writing funk lately too. I feel like I’ve started and not finished nearly a dozen posts lately because I just wasn’t feeling any of them. Best of luck to you during your blogging hiatus! <3

  9. Heyy! Hope you have a productive break!!
    I’m also taking a break from blogging, more because of the obvious school obligations :/ But they says it’s gonna be worth it, right? πŸ˜€
    Hope to see you and myself back on here soon!
    Btw, have you thought about sharing some interesting new blogs you find on here? I think there are people who would like that πŸ˜‰

    1. Hahaha that’s what they say! πŸ˜€ Best of luck in school! I’m sure you can conquer whatever it throws your way ^_^
      I used to do that before, actually, because I had an end-of-month feature before. It’s a great idea! I’ll have to find a way to insert that into my current blog schedule. Thanks for the suggestion! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi, I have nominated you to do the pink for days tag which you can find here (if you would like to do it) after your break: https://theverypunnyblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/28/friends-for-days-tag/

  11. I love those drawings! You can definitely see your unique style in them! xx

  12. Aww I hope the stress isn’t too bad! We love you and will be here for your return OF COURSE BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOMEEEE DON’T FORGET IT!

  13. You’re really talented!! xx

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