Introducing Fourth Friday Fangirling!

I’ve been meaning to create a monthly feature where I feature awesome blog posts, blogs, and bloggers that I found during the month. I used to have that included in a monthly wrap up before but I tossed the wrap up out the window.

Still, the thought of having a monthly space that’s dedicated to spreading love in the blogosphere was still there simmering in the back of my mind, waiting to be cooked enough for me to serve to the world.

new feature in blog Fourth Friday Fangirling

Two things happened last month during my blogging break that resulted to me finally starting this idea:

1) The White Bear Online whose suggestion in the comments as you see below is as amazing as her <3

2) That “There’s No Room for More Bloggers” Debacle that happened a few weeks ago.

If you’re not familiar with said debacle, here’s the three-point outline:

+ Some huge blogger got interviewed in some magazine

+ Said huge blogger was “being completely honest” in thinking there’s no more space for more bloggers

+ It was controversial (if that previous point wasn’t blatantly obvious)

I mean, I guess I can (barely) see what the blogger was trying to convey? That for you to be commercially successful in the blogosphere, standing out is key. But she can’t escape the fact that the way she worded it was utterly discouraging and disheartening. Which is a huge reason as any to give some lovin’, in my opinion.

And so Fourth Friday Fangirling is born!

What in the world do you want to achieve with this, Kate?

I want to create this hub to promote hidden gem bloggers and, hopefully spread the love. I know my reach with this blog isn’t that far but All the Trinkets is a blog for passion and I want to share other bloggers’ awesomeness to as many people as I can 🙂

So why the name?

1) I checked the calendar and there are at least four Fridays in a month.

2) While there are months with five Fridays, “Final Friday” seem… gloomy, doesn’t it? Like it’s the last Friday of your existence? Yish, I don’t want that kind of mood here.

3) Fangirling is a part of me, and I’m basically fangirling over blog-related stuff 😀

4) I don’t want to do it on the first Friday ehehe

Why just once a month, Kate?

I actually want this to be a weekly thing, but a) I know I’ll be in crunch for time the coming months with class starting soon so that’s impossible and b) I want to spend the entire month to actually check out and discover blogs and bloggers.

I don’t want to just pick someone, say some nice things and call it a day. I want to really check them out and see firsthand all the awesomeness they possess. I want to be in love with their blog and what they do. So by fourth Friday, fangirling for them is like total piece o’ cake 🙂

What are the subheadings of this feature?

While I want this feature to be focused on spreading some blogging love, I also want it to be really bubbly and full of gushing. So here’s a quick breakdown of the feature:

Blogging (of course) – Fave blogger of the month, newbie blogger I’m totally in love with, blog design that is so eye-drooling, blog post that moved my heart to Pluto and back, awesome blogs that I discovered that month. I’m picking four, depending on what I find.

World – Happy and inspiring things that happened in the world. Because don’t y’all think we need the frequent reminder that goodness still exists?

Interests – From books to inspirational quotes to music and beyond.

When is this starting?

This month yo! 😀

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I start my blog binge-reading.

Your turn: Do you have any projects you recently started in your blog? Any changes you made or new things you added? Share them below!

Happy blogging, awesome peeps!

Edit: I made a mistake. It wasn’t The Gecko Online but The White Bear Online who commented that suggestion, whoops. Don’t worry, The Gecko Online, you’re still awesome 🙂

7 Replies to “Introducing Fourth Friday Fangirling!”

  1. Ooh this is awesome! When I first saw this in my Reader, I thought it was similar to my friend Jackie’s Fierce Fangirl Friday meme — but nope! This is such a great idea, Kate, and I’m so glad that you’ll be doing this great thing for bloggers!

    Hmm… on projects for my blog… Well I’m planning a collaborative blog writing project thing, but sign-ups won’t be till next month haha!

    Looking forward to seeing your first FFF post? 🙂

    1. *That last sentence was supposed to end with an exclamation mark. XD


    BUT, This is so super pancake-tastic! I LOVVEEE IT, I’m so excited, it’s gonna be awesome

    I started The Typewriter Project is a writing competition I started my blog a few weeks back!

  3. This is such an awesome and inspiring idea!! I can’t wait to read them all!! Xxx

  4. This is such a great idea, I’m really looking forward to reading it!
    I’m surprise (also) that it was worded like that, and it’s lovely that that is a reason 🙂

  5. What a wonderful idea!! 😀 I’m really looking forward to seeing all the great blogs you’ll be shining the spotlight on. It’s always nice to spread the love and to support other bloggers. 🙂 I hadn’t heard about the incident that inspired this, but I love that you took something that left a lot of people feeling discouraged and upset and are doing something so uplifting and inspirational to counter it. <3

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