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I was in a little nostalgic wave these past few days and I dunno why. It could have been triggered by the intense flu I just had last weekend, who knows. But I was running through and (ohmigoshsatisfyingly) ticking off a list of tags and awards I had to post for Tag Tuesday. And up next: I was nominated by the awesome and most majestic Mango Queen, May of Forever and Everly, for a Leibster Award. And I was like, “Awww, this was my first award in this blog three years ago!” *cue intense hacking and snot-waterfalls*

So yeah. Thank you, my fellow Hamilfan! Guys, if you haven’t yet. DO DO DO check out May’s blog. It’s pure awesomeness and full of energy and each post will never fail to make you smile or laugh out loud. Seriously.

Liebster Award | I talk about being a zombie blogger and becoming a Spartan (for like a second ;) )


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

May’s Million Dollar Questions

If you were to stop blogging, what would be the reason?

I could think of several, actually:

+ Aliens have come and destroyed my WIFI*
+ Dinosaurs from below the Earth** has disrupted the Internet wires on the ocean floor
+ Zombie apocalypse and I turned into one***

*I mean, have y’all seen Aliens in the Attic?? They could disrupt freakin-telephone lines!
**Because let’s face it, they’re there
***Unless I actually still had enough brain function to like pssh, I dunno blog about my constant craving for brains?

What are some hobbies you have?

<3 Blogging
<3 Drawing
<3 Reading books
<3 Contemplating my life’s choices
<3 Sleep (yes, that’s a hobby!)
<3 Did I say blogging?

Would you rather be dead or die? (Yes, there’s a difference.)

I’d rather be an undead. An undead blogger blogging about brains. Bam! #Rebel

Do you like mangoes???

YES! A lot of tropical fruits actually! 😀

What book would you not feel guilty about stomping on, tearing, and burning in a fire?

None. I absolutely treat each and every book with equal respect. Loving them equally tho… that’s a WHOLE ‘nother story.

What blogs do you ALWAYS look forward to reading? (Or, if you’re afraid your dear readers might feel bad: What type of blogs do you tend to follow? ie. book blogs, lifestyle blogs, writing blogs, etc.)

I’m not really picky with the type of blogs I like to read and look forward to reading. Basically I love a blog in which the blogger’s personality easily and effortlessly seeps out of the words of every post or his/her creativity is so evident in every post.

What’s one moment in your life you’d choose to play over and over again (aka re-experience over and over again?)

Honestly, none.

Because I feel like if I choose to play over something memorable, it’ll lose its specialness, you know? 🙂

You have the choice of reading a book you HATE, every single day, or reading one good book per year. Which do you choose?

One good book per year. It won’t satisfy my thirst for more but *Spartan voice* I must make the better choice.

What’s one food you will never get tired of eating??? (ONE food, people, ONE.)

Uh… rice? Because it’s like my staple food?

But then who am I kidding


What would you do if someone walked up to you and gave you 100 bucks?

Say thank you, of course 😉 And then run as fast as my non-athletic legs are capable to the nearest book shop and art store because, pfft, what did you expect I’ll do with free money?!

How are you right now? <3

You know how you kinda freeze and brace yourself when you know you’ll be frightened any minute? Yeah, that’s where I am right now. Bracing myself for the imminent mental challenges I’ll be facing this new school year.

But overall I feel good! Thank you for asking 😀

My Q’s

  1. What was the best blogging moment you’ve had so far? (because let’s face it: y’all gonna have even more amazing blogging moments in the future! <3)
    2. What do you hope to achieve in a year?
    3. What’s something people usually call off as myth or impossible that you honestly believe is or can be true?
    4. What’s a trait of yours that you hated when you were younger but you’ve grown to love now?
    5. The best book you’ve read this year? (I know it’s hard but JUST ONE, MKAY?)
    6. A recent TV show you regretted binge-watching?
    7. A song you love that’s in a language you don’t fully understand?
    8. Bloggers who inspire you to be a better blogger?
    9. What’s a cliché quote or saying that you follow wholeheartedly? (Don’t worry, I won’t judge 🙂 )
    10. Favorite mythological creature?
    11. An endangered animal you want to save?

I Tag These Awesome Peeps

Kiya of Flawed Silence (because you’re a super awesome person / unicorn-sprinkler / boss-level wordsmith and I love you <3)
Rebecca of Hopelessly Strong (because we’re starting that general merchandise business and you are the most hopeful person I know <3)
Ignited Moth (because you give me some of the best comments and I always feel so blessed when your presence graces the comment part of my post <3)
Sasha of The Stylish Dreamer (because you are such a sweet potato pea pod and your positive energy is so contagious <3)
Elm of—seriously, there isn’t any other Elm in the blogosphere, right??? (because you are so inspiring and your every post just radiates with inspiration <3)
Lia of Lost in a Story (because I always love reading your Tweets and your Newbie Blogger project must be known all across the blogosphere! <3)
Tabi of Busy Bee (because your DIY tutorials are the works of adorable sorcery and your blog photography is #goals <3)
Hannah Grace (because your blog is one-year old (YAY!) and we must find out this glass of juice question tag someday! <3)
Bea of A Child of Cynicism (because you always make me think with your posts and I finish reading each of them inspired and felt like I’ve learnt a new perspective on things <3)

Happy blogging, awesome peeps! <3

6 Replies to “Leibster Award, We Meet Again | Tag Tuesday”

  1. hahaha your reasons to stop blogging cracked me up 🙂

  2. AHHH you’re so awesome; thank you so much!! I loved seeing these answers 😀

  3. Okay DUDE I LOVE THE LITTLE NOTES YOU HAVE WHEN YOU NOMINATE PEOPLE. You’re so kind. <3 And AWW THANKS FOR THE TINY SERENADE TO ME, SWEETIE. 😉 I LOVED reading your answers to these questions! I especially agree with your answers to the burning book and re-experiencing moments question — all books are to be respected, and every moment is special! Dude if you didn't like mangoes I don't know what I would've done. AND YES ICE CREAM ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAY. (Rice is also a staple food for me too! #Asian)

  4. Sleep is a hobby of mine too ^^

  5. I loved this so much and YES ICE CREAM ALL THE WAY!!!

  6. I’M GOING TO WRITE LITTLE NOTES NOW. *nodnod* And yes your butt will be kicked right out of the mango kingdom and you will be exiled forever.

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