Blog’s New-ish Look, Updates, and Talking Like an Australian

I know it’s not Saturday but I’ll be participating in an educational tour tomorrow so I thought I might as well do this today. I have some little updates to share with you and other stuff I want to talk about so let’s get cracking, yeah?*

*Yes yes, I’ve been watching too much MasterChef Australia. Not ashamed of it tho. They’re super kind with each other. Sooo different from their US counterpart hahaha


Like wow, Kate. So much excitement. Whoo.

I know, I know.

It’s not like I made a complete blog revamp. It’s not something completely exciting. I still used the same color combination and the same theme, Gateway, because I’m still in love with it. (And also maaaybe because I’m too lazy to do a complete revamp hekhek)

But oh my gosh you guys.

Ever since I learned how to clean artworks I photographed or scanned, the possibility of being able to create my own graphics for the blog has been nagging my mind. It’s one of my blogging goals, you see. To be able to decorate my lil’ virtual space with my own art.

And it finally. Freakin. Happened.

Whoop whoop! Pop the champagne! Blast the speakers! Throw rainbow confettis and glitters everywhere! (I’ll clean those later) The point is: I MADE MY OWN BLOG GRAPHICS.

I started painting flowers that I hope to make into vector graphics back in April. Buuut… those didn’t look really good. Ohgod, I remember one of them even looked like some kind of bug instead of a flower. I mean, what was up with that, Kate-back-in-April??? They were just awful. Hideous. Complete shame. Locked them away in Fort Knox, never to be laid eyes by any human being ever again.

Nah, I’m kidding. I still have them placed between the pages a notebook I impulse-bought. (Or did I.)

I tried painting new ones a few months ago. And they were better. Far far better. It’s what you’re seeing on my header and my sidebar right now. (Which you’ll only know if you take a look at them on the site itself, okay? Okay???)

I’m going for plants and lots of color as my design scheme this time. So it’s colorful and full of personality and… looks positive, I guess? (Ohgosh, I don’t know how to explain that better. English ugh.) That’s how I wanted my blog to feel since day one. And I’m super happy with how it looked now.

I plan on sticking with that design scheme for a while, though I’ll probably change the graphics now and then as I continue to practice painting better plants 🙂

2 | Free graphic elements

Since I’m going to practice creating vector graphics anyway, I thought of creating watercolor graphics that I could share with you guys as well. You’d be able to use them however you want. I’m actually thinking of making fall-related graphic elements and sharing them here sometime soon so if you’re game with that, let me know in the comments below 🙂

3 | Art requests

And since we’re talking about art stuff, I’ve had a few people asking me if I’m still doing art requests. Much as I enjoy doing art requests, I won’t be accepting anytime soon. Hopefully, I’d be able to before the year ends. Maybe in my blogiversary. Probably 😉

4 | Bloglovin

I opened my Bloglovin account and updated it. (After 9749302 years hekhek) You can follow my blog on there.Follow my blog with Bloglovin While you’re at it, you can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you have accounts on any of these, let me know so I could check yours out as well!

So yeah I guess that’s it! I’ll see you all next Wednesday!

What do you think of my blog’s new(-ish) look? Did you recently changed your blog’s look as well? What’s one of your blogging goals that you achieved recently? Would you like to get free graphic elements? Tell me all! 😀

9 Replies to “Blog’s New-ish Look, Updates, and Talking Like an Australian”

  1. Whoop whoop!!! I love your new blog design, the last one was really cool as well, I LUV it!! 😀 And I also saw your new profile page, I love how you put yourself and then the flowers and the pink background!!! 😀 Very pretty!!
    Oh, and I’ll make sure to follow you on Bloglovin’!!!! 😀 <3

    1. Btw I just followed your blog on bloglovin’ but it doesn’t say you own it, you have to claim it as yours!!!!

  2. You designed your blog YOURSELF? OMG, IT IS SO PRETTY ASDFGHJKL! I would love to see some free graphics from you (who wouldn’t?) Followed you on Bloglovin’ and already on Twitter!

  3. Ooooo!! Congratulations! Doing your own graphics sounds really cool!!

  4. OMGGGGGGGGG I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN ADJF;LAKSDJF;LAKSDFJ. And um, excuse me?? You’re saying that you painted these flowers yourselves??? OMG HOW HOW HOOOOOOOW. I mean I’m decent at painting (decent meaning really bad) but I have no idea how to make them into graphics ahahaha. The header is GORGEOUS and agh I’m in love, Kate!!! DUDE. YES. FREEBIES. I can never find good freebie watercolor graphics, so if you made them, that’d be so awesome!!

    1. AHHHHHHH MAYYYYY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I used Photoshop mainly (and a heck lot of screaming and eye-squinting lol) But yaaaas I feel you! I see plenty of watercolor graphics but they’re made by pro so they’re not free which is okay because #SupportTheArtists but we’re students??? And our top money priority are books???

    And yay, can't wait to see it!!

  6. Really? Yeah it’s kinda hard, what I did with my bloglovin’ is that I sent them an email saying my blog didn’t apppear as mine and they helped me and then it was so easy!! You should do that too, they reply in less than 48 hours!!! 😀 <3

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