17 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas for Creative Ladies from UncommonGoods

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We’re more than halfway through October, can you believe that?

It seems like only yesterday that I unwrapped my Christmas gifts and now I’m making my Christmas wishlist already! (Too early? Nah.)

Awesome Holiday Gifts for Creatives

Now I can’t speak for us all but there are a few things most crafty and creative ladies like: we love quirky things that makes a statement but are also functional, we’re obsessed with #aesthetics, and most of all, we appreciate handmade goods very much.

I was recently introduced to UncommonGoods, a Brooklyn-based online marketplace for handmade and recycled products, and I was excited to work with them! They focus on creating a sustainable business, from paying entry-level workers considerably more than the minimum wage to taking a stand on why paid family leave for all workers is important. (Because it-freakin-does and someone needs to say it dammit)

Best of all, the site is teeming with handmade goods perfect to give to the lovely creative women of your life these coming holidays. And, if you’re one yourself, get ready to get lost in all the interesting handmade products they have. I know I did.

Check out 17 of my best finds in UncommonGoods that I’m sure every creative girl will like to have this holiday season below.

(Also PS, I would love to have these as gifts too. *wink wink*)

Gift for Her Kitchen

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn mug from UncommonGoods

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug for drinking morning tea or coffee. Or maybe even to put brushes in because we all know the versatility of mugs, yeah?

Buddha Bowl because it looks so cool and curvy ok?? And would definitely be a beautiful addition to your kitchenware.

State Slate Cheese Boards, particularly for our fellow crafty ladies in US, because there are faaar better and more creative ways to show state pride with friends than wearing a baseball hat, amirite??? Check out more Christmas gifts that will fit in with your budget or your interest.

Agate Coasters because we all need something enchanting to place our cups and glasses.

Gift to Keep Her Room Organized

suspension bridge shelf

Suspension Bridge Shelf to put all your crafty tools and supplies, or books, or cute succulents.

Birth Month Mini Dish for keeping the keys and those tiny bobby pins and changes in one place and offer a pop of color to any room.

Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree to hang the jewelries on and, let’s face it, that has the additional elegance needed for a great Instagram photo of your dresser or desk.

Owl Eyeglasses Holder because it’s a perfect place to put your eyeglasses—away from the danger of being broken in half. (I’ve broken too many of my glasses this way, I kid you not.)

Moon Phase Waxed Canvas Pouch to store your creative kit and bring with you wherever you go. Check out more Christmas gift ideas for teens here.

Gift for Her Wardrobe

Mother Nestling Birds Necklace because it’s a perfect to gift to any mother, be it your friend, your wife, your grandma or your own mom.

Birth Month Flower Necklace to always have a little nature wherever you go.

Unicorn and Rainbow Mismatched Earrings to show your quirkiness. Also: they’re unicorn and rainbow. Come on.

Literary Scarves because you can be bookish and stylish at the same time, end of story. Head over here for more Christmas gift ideas for your creative best friends. (Like me hekhek.)

Gift for De-Stressing

Green Herbal Tea Kit that you can drink every morning, noon, or night. Or all the time, really.

Cats and Unicorn & Rainbow Stamps for something extra when writing on your journal.

Literary Candles that you can light whether you’re reading a book or not.

Chakras Bath Salts for when you need a long relaxing bath. Or! Maybe you just want to arrange those vivid-colored bath salts in rainbow order. That’s also a whole other kind of relaxing in my opinion 😉

Here are the rest of the items on the list above:

There are sooo much more where these came from and I’m still absolutely blown away by the amount of ingenious and creative ideas that made these goods. Some of these were made by materials that would have been thrown away!

Like that jewelry tree and cheese board; those branches are collected from the desert in California and the soapstone they made the cheese boards with is what quarries deemed waste material. Can you imagine that? Head over to UncommonGoods for more gift ideas not just for crafty ladies but for anyone you know.

Have you made your holiday wishlist? What do you absolutely want to get for Christmas? Are you even already planning for Christmas like I am?? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Really can’t wait for Christmas music. The best thing is in the morning waking up to it as you say. And OMG! I also love Pentatonix Christmas covers, they are soooo good!

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