Fifteen Reasons Why Ash is Awesome

15 reasons why Ash is awesome

Perhaps you are here wondering who is this Ash that I’m making a list of. Let me explain then. Ash was formerly known as Teenella and is one of the most awesome teen bloggers I have ever met. And that’s saying something because teen bloggers are generally awesome.

But let me give you 15 reasons why Ash is awesome.

15 reasons why Ash is awesome

  1. Her mad blog design skills. She has one of the most beautiful, most aesthetically-pleasing blog designs I’ve been blessed to lay my eyes on. And okay, so she had her header made by the equally amazing Ilsa but hAVE YOU SEEN HOW BEAUTIFULLY COHESIVE EVERYTHING IS??? It’s the kind of cohesiveness that satisfies my soul.
  2. On that note, she made a perfume bottle design which is amazing??? Because I honestly think a lot of thought has to be put into these kinds of stuff.
  3. She talks to her 6-year-old self. Aka Lil’ Ash, who is a sassy savage six-year-old.
  4. She is a fangirl. #Andproud yaaas girl.
  5. She made the Blogger Secret Santa.
  6. Speaking of which, she makes the most amazing blogging projects like Blogger Secret Santa and Let’s Talk.
  7. It was super cool of her to let me shamelessly fangirl all over her inbox when I emailed her out of the blue.
  8. She is passionate about mental health awareness.
  9. She made a wholesome metaphor using cereal and milk. Seriously. Just—go there. Read it. Be inspired, because I know you will.
  10. Her hilarious writing voice is A++
  11. She is compassionate. She sees the good in everyone and I do agree with her when she said that NO ONE would want to kill someone after a good massage.
  12. She got excited over desks along a staircase one time. And I love that because that’s 104% me too.
  13. She ships Will and Nico. YAAAAAS.
  14. She writes some of the best personal essays. Including this one that she posted at the beginning of this year and would, no doubt, make you emotional reading it now at the end of the year. I know it had that effect on me.
  15. Most of all, she is Ash.

40% blogger, 30% crazy, 20% expert at stanning Kpop, 5% sarcastic, 2.5% nerd, 1.5% violinist, 0.5% organised, 0.25% funny (yes you are hush), and 0.25% cool (yes YES YOU ARE hush lady.)

And, might I add, 100% Super Awesome.

She is 200% uniquely Ash. And honestly? The blogosphere, nay the freakin world, would be a whole lot dimmer without her light.

So thank you, Ash. For being here, in the blogosphere, and inspiring lots of other people with your compassion and wonder.

And my god, I need MORE of your amazing advice pieces. Like the one where you retold the story of when you went from being drenched in ice cold water on the morning to wondering if maybe Sleeping Beauty only woke up because the prince accidentally spilt water onto her face to pointing out why, in fairy tales, the only solution to every hero and heroine’s problem is killing the villain.

Merry Christmas, Ash, and I hope your 2018 will be as awesome as you are! 🙂


8 Replies to “Fifteen Reasons Why Ash is Awesome”

  1. Ahhh this is so lovely and sweet and I’m SOO happy right now!! Thank you so much for all of the compliments – they mean the world and more to me!! I hope your 2018 will be spectacular too because you deserve nothing less 🙂

  2. I loved reading this!!! 🙂 Ash is an amazing person!! 😀 <3 Oh and btw, I went through your blog posts feed and the follow button said "follow" which suggested I wasn't following you which is weird cause I am, this happened with other bloggers. Hummm
    Anyway, I feel like I needed to tell you this cause maybe you'd be like "what?" when you received the notif 😛
    Merry Blogmas!!

  3. Awww this post put a smile on my face 🙂 Now I will definitely have to check out her blog 😛
    (and also let’s talk about Will and Nico for a sec. I ship them so hard too!)

  4. Ahaha everyone’s welcome!
    Omg that’s so precious! I actually haven’t read the trials of Apollo myself yet, but I just might now 😛

  5. Ohmigosh is this on the first book or the second book?? I’m still on the first book and gaaaah I can’t wait to get my hands on The Dark Prophecy

    1. I’m not sure exactly…and ahh I need to start reading this series at some point

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