Side Notes: A Monthly Wrap Up by yours truly

*inhales deeply*

Alright. I’ve done this before. And over the course of this blog, it had two different names. None of which stuck. They say three’s a charm and three is my favorite number so I’m doing this again. For the third time.

In my journey to nourishing and flourishing my creativity and personal growth, I’ve come across plenty of interesting, and incredibly inspiring things. Some eventually become some of my best posts here. Some… just don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve been mulling over creating a platform where I could share all these doesn’t-fit-anywhere interesting and incredibly inspiring things. So. Here we go again. *crosses fingers and toes*

side notes

July is my comeback month. I wish I could say that I re-entered the blogosphere wearing shades and my suit jacket flapping behind me and some kickass music playing in the background. You know, super cool and all. But it was more like Harry coming back from spiritual King’s Cross, pretending to be dead and was suddenly like, “Hullo! I’m not dead yet, folks!”

Anyway, let’s get cracking!

interesting finds

In the Blogosphere

Syaza wrote about how to find yourself when you’re feeling lost. It is an incredible piece, and I loved it so so much! Below is one of my favorite quotes (Which, by the way, was super hard to pick because she’s written so many noteworthy quotes!)

“It’s odd that we’d find ourselves only when it’s the right time to. When we’re young, it’s typical to be turbulent.”

Lily talked about why we need more confident female characters in books. All throughout reading this, I was nodding my head (like yeah). Because, yes, growing your self-confidence is something a lot of girls in particular struggle with.

Ruth shared her experience of making a Youtube video for the first time. I’m all for doing the stuff you wouldn’t have dreamed of doing and not listening to what fear is telling you. Ruth said it best, “Do something scarier and then the other option won’t seem so bad.”

Nati wrote about friendships — specifically female friendships — and why some lasts a lifetime while others only last a minute (or, you know, very very shortly.)

In the midst of all the book piracy talks on Book Twitter, Shealea compiled a super informative list of ways you can get books legally and for free or at a discount. Also, if you want an extensive list of upcoming Asian-inspired novels, she has two lists for fantasy and sci-fi books.

Mark at These Foreign Roads shared some of the snaps they took while in Colombia and, boy, artist me went *heart eyes* and drooled and wanted more of those amazing Colombian street art.

The Awesome Side of the Internet

Yes, yes. I know. The Internet can be a jerk sometimes. But it is also filled with authentic and incredibly inspiring human stories. I always believe it only takes one kind heart for other kindness to join in 🙂

<3 This Twitter thread story about a boy and his yellow shirt (for those who wants unbelievable pureness and innocence, and lots and lots of waterworks)

<3 The responses for this r/relationships post about a girl with weird (translation: super cool witchy) hobbies.

(side note: I realized, although you can still see other people’s responses, you won’t be able to read the original post so check out the screencaps on Twitter here)

<3 The lovely comment section of this Youtube video filled with so much love and– mygosh, you wouldn’t expect such compassion in the Youtube comment section but there you go.

Books I Read This Month

(Why yes! I will have a book-related section in this no-holds-barred monthly post. Expect nothing less from me.)

Ree (or rvsalochka in Instagram) created this monthly thing, #DrawMyBooks, where you create an illustration of the books you read this month. This is a brilliant idea and I love it because, well, books + art is definitely my cup of tea.

While I did start reading tons of books in July, I only finished reading three books this month. I’m not upset, though. I’ve come to a point where I no longer beat myself over reading goals. I read whatever I want to read at the moment. Sometimes it takes weeks for me to finish a book, sometimes I’ll be done with a series over the weekend. Both scenarios are completely fine for me.

  • Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster || 🌟 5 delicious cookies || Whimsical and heartwarming. (Read my full review of it here.)
  • The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang || 🌟 5 piping hot muffins || Reading the blurb, I thought it was a steamier The Rosie Project, but gosh it totally isn’t! It’s steamy alright, but it’s also incredibly romantic and I absolutely adored Michael’s Vietnamese family.
  • Rapture by Alex P. Wu || 🌟 4 sharp knives || An interesting and thought-provoking read. I rarely read dystopian, sci-fi now but this has a nice combination of action and themes that will leave you thinking deeply. Also! Zero romance, yas!

recommendations of the month

Making Sense of Diet and Food from the Straight and Curly podcast

As someone who is becoming more aware of the food I eat, I really loved this three-part series from the Straight and Curly podcast. I’ve mentioned the podcast before and this is honestly one of the best self-improvement podcasts out there. If you’re looking to try out Whole 30, ketogenic, another kind of diet or just want to start being more conscious of what you eat, Kelly and Carly packed some pretty awesome and practical tips in this series. You can check out the three-part Making Sense of Diet and Food series here.

The Every Damn Day List by Sarah von Bargen

Let me just say, Sarah is one of my blogging superheroes. I LOVE her blog. Her writing inspires me, and she is hilarious! She is practical but there is certainly an undeniable magic in the way she sees the world. The Every Damn Day List will help anyone who struggles in not feeling productive, especially in slump days. Check out her post on why you need one and how to make it!

the little things

Little Victories – Kickass Stuff that Happened This Month

  • Got my blogging mojo back, yay!
  • My blog’s new look eep!
  • Reached 400 followers on Pinterest, yay! (side note: I’m looking for more people to follow, so leave me your Pinterest links below or message me on Pinterest @/allthetrinkets!)
  • Finally finished my internship and thesis, whoop whoop!
  • Improved on painting skin, whee <3 I love the way I draw noses now, too!

Little Detours – What Kicked My Ass This Month

(because we’re not perfect, and it’s good to share your awful moments)

  • Sleep deprivation due to thesis and internship and just this entire semester in general. It is awful to go to work or school with eyes as heavy as golf balls, folks. I seriously advise against it.
  • I had an upset stomach for a whole week. I got so anxious and worried that there’s a problem with my gut, but, lo and behold, it was gone when my period came. I just hope this won’t be a regular PMS thing. That would suck so bad.
  • Insect bites urgh. For some reason, I don’t get this during the summer but gawd do I have TONS during the rainy season.
  • The waiting game for the release of my final grade for a subject. At the time of writing this I am a bundle of worrying nerves.

Little Milestones – Things I Want to Achieve or Do Next Month

(because according to Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies, I am an Obliger and I need outside accountability to reach personal goals)

  • Finish these two art WIP that I haven’t touched in months.
  • Repot my cactus, Watson’s babies. They’re crowding their parent’s pot — it’s like a mini cactus jungle or something.
  • Finish reading two nonfiction and two fiction books.

With that, I’ll leave you with these two beautiful words that I somehow find poetic and an auditory delight: “unplucked eyebrows.” Is anyone with me in this??

Do you have an awesome post in July that I missed? Share the links of your July post below!

Also: if you have any blogging event this August or September that you want me to feature, feel free to let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

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10 Replies to “Side Notes: A Monthly Wrap Up by yours truly”

  1. This is such a lovely roundup of the month! I loved Ruth’s post too. Congratulations on getting your blogging mojo back!

    Cordelia ||

  2. I hope you have a great August! Haha, I loved the Harry Potter King’s Cross reference at the beginning of the post, it made me smile. 😉

  3. Kate, thank you for featuring my post in yours. This is so wonderful and all in all, an inspiring one. I love that you’ve share what you’ve accomplised and own them ❤❤ Keep spreading positivity, it’s contagious!
    xx Syaza

  4. I don’t think I’d call the post “awesome”, but I did write about starting a business at the age of 12, one of the just two posts I managed to get up in July… hehe whoops 😛
    Also, congrats on the Pinterest followers and I’m sorry you had to deal with sleep deprivation, insect bites and what sounds like a horrible stomach ache!
    I’m glad you’re back 😀

  5. Thank you. 🙂 You too.

  6. Aww thank you! Happy August to you too 😀

  7. It’s totally okay to change your blog name around – sometimes, the names we pick don’t reflect who we are anymore. Love these reads you’ve found last month. It’s great that you’ve enjoyed the books you’ve read in July! It’s great that you’re becoming more aware of the food you’re eating. Congratulations on your achievements for the month! Hope you’ll have a great August!

    Nancy ♥

  8. Thank you so much for including my blog post in your wrap-up, Kate!! I’m so flattered, and this means a lot to me. <3

    I love your HP reference (of course, hehe) and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful August & good luck with your WIPs. <3

  9. Love this! I totally agree, socially media can be so horrible but then you see something nice and people can be so supportive, especially in the blogging world. And I’m using this as book inspiration haha, they sound really good and I need to buy some for my holiday!
    Beth x |

  10. Reblogged this on Syaza and commented:
    This is the least thing that I can do to the lovely Kate, who has shown so much love for my previous post on “feeling lost”. Just thought I’d share the positivity!

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