On My Semi-Organized Life and Learning to Embrace It

Confession: I have a deep, deep green envy for people who lead a super organized life.

I mean, clean workspace? Alphabetized books? Super cute stationery drawers?? Ducks in a neat row, arranged by size???

Cue sparkling eyes.

See, my whole life I always wanted a clean organized room. But alas, no matter how much I angry clean and sort out my books by sizes or spine colors or authors, I can’t seem to accomplish what those folks on #mybookshelves or #myworkspace on Instagram could. One time, I tried incorporating an editorial calendar for a month. And despite how much more efficient it made my blogging process, it only lasted for that month.

No matter how much I try to make myself go into a routine, I just end up going rogue. Very few of the new habits I take stick. And when they do, some don’t even last long either. Or they’re just effective for a short time or in bursts.

That, my friends, is what you call a semi-organized person.

You know how some people are super organized superheroes, and others are, um… cluttered potatoes? Well, there are actually people who fall right in the middle. They’re called semi-organized and I’m one of them. Perhaps you have a suspicion you’re one too. Here are 5 signs you can look into to know if you’re one.

You know how some people are super organized superheroes, and others are, um… cluttered potatoes? Well, there are actually people who fall right in the middle. They’re called semi-organized and I’m one of them. Perhaps you have a suspicion you’re one too. Here are 5 signs you can look into to know if you’re one:

1) Some aspects of your life is clutter-free and neatly ordered while others seem like they’ve constantly been devastated by a tornado.

For instance, my bag is super clean. There’s a system as to where everything is placed – even the trashes that I set aside when I can’t find a bin near me. On the other hand, my workspace looks like it’s constantly devastated by a hurricane. I once misplaced my comb and I couldn’t find it until a couple weeks later. It’s horrendous.

2) Everything is a distraction

You know how you open an app on your phone to do one specific task and then, three hours later, you resurface and have ultimately forgotten what it was you had to do?

Yep. That happens to semi-organized me so many freaking times.

It could be social media, or the television playing on the background, or the music I have playing on my earphones, or shiny things. Maybe even an unusual mannerism from someone in my peripheral vision. The gist is anything can be a distraction. It’s quite difficult for me to focus on one task but when I do, you won’t see me doing anything else for hours.

3) New routines and new habits very rarely stick.

I already mentioned this above but it needs saying again.

Folks, I try. I really really do try. But I always have a hard time creating new or better habits. And even when I do, they don’t stick for very long. One time, I tried to use Habitica. But that didn’t last a week. Another time, I try to do ten-minute exercises every morning, but three cramps-filled days later, I forgot about it.

4) When desperate, you resort to nonsensical multitasking

Oh boy, this happened to me whenever I’m procrastinating in the mornings instead of prepping for school. I end up brushing my teeth and picking out clothes at the same time. Putting on my earrings and carrying my bag out of the room with my teeth. It’s not a pleasant sight to see and I don’t advise anyone visiting our house on 9AM.

5) When you are at peak organized mode, it’s absolutely wonderful

And after finishing your homework, bulk-scheduling posts and arranging your closet to look decent enough, you relax. But also lowkey hoping that you won’t fall into Cluttered Potato Mode for the next several moons or so.

As semi-organized folks, we often have the tendency to fall on either side of the spectrum – extremely organized or cluttered potatoes.

There are super organized people like Marie Kondo and then there are cluttered people like Rebecca Bloomwood. But did you know that therea re also people who fall right in the middle? They're called semi-organized. And I'm one of them. Are you one too?

But for most part, we struggle to be more of the former. To be more organized. To embody the clutter-free spirit of Marie Kondo. But we can’t help it that there’s just that part of us who’s as disheveled and distracted as Rebecca Bloomwood.

It’s sad and, for that little aspiring Marie Kondo-wannabe inside me, quite disappointing.

But this year, I want to embrace my semi-organized-ness. This year, I want to be less critical of myself when I divert from writing blog posts to check on the chickens on the backyard. I want to bask in fully during breaks. But also remember to give myself a push in the back when I’m knee-deep in lazy potato mode. I want to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with taking things slow, or relaxing for a while. And while there is so much joy in accomplishing everything you need to do, there’s also a different but equally wonderful feeling in doing absolutely nothing.

I need to have faith that I’ll figure things out… eventually. And maybe, so do you.


Are you a super organized superhero, a cluttered potato, or a semi-organized bloke like me? Is there a trait you didn’t quite like that you want to embrace more this year? Share them below!

xx Kate


Embracing my semi-organized life and learning to accept that I can never be like Marie Kondo. (And that's okay.)

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9 Replies to “On My Semi-Organized Life and Learning to Embrace It”

  1. Love this Kate! I’m with you semi-organised all the way. I have kids and it’s quite challenging shall we say to be 100% super organised all of the time. I used to feel quite down about this, but then I learned to let go of it slightly – after all, time spent organising was often time away from what really mattered to me – what I would value the most about my life when I look back on it, not how organised my wardrobe was. So you’re completely right to be all about the balance, to know when to push forward but also when your brain is screaming at you for a break. I think when you’re a creative soul, it’s helpful to embrace some spontaneity and chaos if you know what I mean? x

    1. Oh my gosh, yes!!! The little bit of chaos and spontaneity is so good for the creative soul 🙂 And I’m with you all the way! I used to feel bad about not being super organized but you’re so right, I won’t look back on my life thinking of my super organized wardrobe. I guess, for us semi-organized folks, this middle ground is what works for us!

  2. I am a total mess of a person all around me, I don’t even know how it happens. But! I’m thankful that my mind is clear, my emotions solid. This alone has led me to a breakthrough recently, my motto..

    “a little bit everyday is more in every way”

    I’ll never be that perfectly organized, clean and tidy person. But I do know now that I’m so much better now that I do, a little bit every day! I’m no longer barried.

    And thus my online life and blog are also more organized than ever thanks to BBP!

    1. Oh yeah, gosh you’re that strong foundation keeping all of us together! And I love that motto, it is so true and I’m now inspired to follow it a bit in my life. Thanks for sharing Lee!

  3. I feel ya. Most of my life i was this semi organized person, but as I get older the need for more and more organization have started to appear and im closer to organized than semi now.

    1. Oh wow! That’s great 🙂 I do believe in personal growth (obviously, with my blog haha!) and it’s great to meet someone who ignited personal development. So inspiring! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. I am a cluttered potato! I honestly thought I was semi-organised but after reading this I’ve realised that I’m not I think my goal for this year is to maybe make the switch from cluttered potato to semi-organised – if I can do that, then I’ll be happy! Even a little bit of occasional organisation makes a difference. Great post!

    1. Well hello there, cluttered potato! 😀 Gosh, when I was in high school, I was as cluttered as one could be. So I know that switch is far from unattainable. I’m rooting for you Kelly! And YAAAS so true!! A little bit of organized can go a long way 🙂

  5. 5/5. Perfect score! Lol. Please file my name under the semi-organized too. I can really relate to the nonsensical multitasking part. Hahaha! One’s gotta love her own. Cheers to more semi-organized tactics we’ll do in the future P.S. I love your writing style!

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