Hello there! ☆ Welcome to my blog. I feel oh-so-ever honored that you want know a wee bit more about me.

I’m Kate (she/her, they/them) and I love to write, paint, watch shows, read stories, listen to podcasts and earn money so I can keep on writing, painting, watching shows, reading stories and listening to podcasts.

#babysitters club from morning noodles

All the Trinkets is my little corner in the internet and it has been an important part in my navigating through young adulthood.

This humble space has changed a lot in the past 5+ years since its birth. (If you scroll long enough to older posts, you’ll know what I mean.)

At the moment, it’s just my blog. A simple, OG personal blog.

A place where I can freely share what it means to be a young adult living life in her 20s – in the 2020s.

Come join me as I:

  • scream,
  • self-reflect,
  • sit in a state of utter dumbfoundedness, and/or
  • escape into stories (which is what I do for most part hehe)

as I go through this labyrinth called life.

If you wanna reach out, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by! ♡