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What To Do After Experiencing Week-Long Exhaustion and Stress

So here’s the thing…


Like seriously. DrainedI’m at the point of dragging my tired body like…

This entire week felt like a montage of projects, paper works, exams, quizzes, and make-up classes (the fancy term for “extended school stress”; has nothing to do with cosmetics, sadly.)

But instead of time whirring by as a normally paced music plays in the background, it’s the opposite. The music plays awfully slow and I am freaking tired. And I won’t say I’ve never been tired like this before because I have. You don’t graduate high school without exhaustion. (Now that is the evilest form of cheating, graduating without stress). But this whole semester, I’ve never been as tired as I am now. Figures much since it’s nearly finals already. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ve been away for quite a while now…right? I mean, I’m currently functioning in dog days so it felt like it’s literally been years since I last posted something. And I thought what better inspiration for a blog post than freakin’ stress, right? I have a number of stress-tagged posts here anyway. So here you go.

  1. EAT. We’ve all got different comfort foods that will help us de-stress. I, personally, have lots ranging from soft foods like ice cream, marshmallows, and hot milk to hardcore ones like meat. Whatever you’re craving for, eat. Just know when to stop. Okay? And if you’re craving for metal, go to your doctor. That stress is making you need some serious medication.
  2. LISTEN. Some sounds are so serene, it makes you feel relax…and reflect on your life. Like, recently, I got into Seafret’s  “Ocean” and it was making me feel like I’m currently experiencing the dramatic part of a movie. Which is not far off from what’s happening in real life. It doesn’t have to have lyrics, even.
    BRAIN.FM has AI-generated music that will help you relax, nap/sleep, or meditate better. I’ve tried the 30-minute nap music and I was out immediately. Woke up around 3 hours later.
  3. TAKE A LONG BREAK. Now, now. I’m not saying you have to stop whatever is causing your week-long stress altogether. I mean, if it’s giving you week-long stress, it must be important, right? What I’m trying to say is give your body and brain a breathing room. Let them rest for a while. A day, overnight. Have a full 8 hours of sleep. Check your social media for a while, make a blog post (*ahem*)…
    Not even the strongest, most efficient machine can go on without a rest. Create a new momentum rather than exhaust yourself while maintaining an already long one.

There are far other things that you may want to do: yoga, simple meditation, painting…but these three above are the general ones that I could come up based on my experiences. What you really have to do is, generally, rest. You are not a superhuman, no one is. You won’t get nor achieve anything with an exhausted mind and body. So rest.

And I’ll be doing the same now…

Good night/morning/afternoon, everyone! 🙂