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Feels Weird.docx – thoughts from two years ago

I briefly mentioned in my 2022 purchase ban that I already successfully did one specifically for art supplies a year back. Whilst going over my old files in my computer today, I found this draft, aptly named “Feels Weird.docx”, that I never finished about my feelings after that 2021 art supplies purchase ban. I don’t really want to finish it now, but the sentiments I held more than two years ago still ring true today. I also like how “unfinished” it is and that there’s no concrete conclusion at the end – because, even though I have resolved about certain things about my relationship with consumerism, that’s still how I feel in general. So here it is in its unedited glory:


A reflection on 2023

Hi there. It’s been a while. For those who aren’t new here, thanks for sticking around. I know I haven’t been around much this year.


Let’s talk Under the Oak Tree, numbers, and my reviews (with a little delusional spice added in)

In 2022, my blog had a total of 6,702 views. The highest it’s ever had in a year.

5,305 of those views are for my Under the Oak Tree review.

That’s about 79% of my total views for 2022.

What the fuck happened?


purchase ban

Hello hello! It’s the first day of June where I’m from which means my hobby purchase ban has officially taken place.


“I know you have good intentions but…”

Lately I’ve been thinking about intentions and how much it factors into emotional reception and relationships. Intent vs impact.


OK Let’s Talk: Mind your own [art] business

A couple weeks ago, Art Twitter* went ablaze in dignified collective anger when artists shared screenshots of random people sliding in their DMs telling them that they were “not yet ready to commission art.” (Hm.)


OK Let’s Talk: On Feeling the Suck and empathy

two persons hugging

Okay, let’s talk.

If your idea of “comforting” someone is through invalidating any frustrations or negative feelings they have at the moment? That ain’t it, chief.

The first step to empathy, I find, is by acknowledging the fact that sucky things happen.