What To Do When You Have Zero Inspiration to Write

We’ve all been there. Cracked some knuckles, poised yourself for the shot and hit the ball rolling. And then the ball skidded to a full stop. Stuck and unable to move.

Inspiration to write? Zero.

Quite an erratic thing, inspiration. It comes and goes as it pleases. Which is why heavily depending on it is a big no-no. Especially if you’re like me and you want to build consistency in your blog or writing project. You need routine and a failsafe system.

And when inspiration suddenly slips away from underneath you, you need a backup plan.

Have no inspiration to write? Read on for 5 things to try when you have zero inspiration. #content #writing

1) Change Your Environment

If you’ve been holed up in your room for more than two hours trying to finish that first draft on your laptop, that’s basically your brain telling you, “I’m tired. I need a change of scenery.”

We can only take so much inspiration to write from one place. And I’m not just saying this for show. Our brains need constant stimulation to work – particularly when it’s doing creative work. The more we stay in one place, the less the stimulation our brain gets from it. For the brain, it’s been sensing the same things for hours. This is why we need go to someplace new. The new surroundings will surely recharge your brain in minutes.

2) Read, read, read

As a fully-fledged bookworm, I am all for reading. Leisure reading, academic reading, reading blogs, reading the back labels of products… I love all of it. If I could, I’d read like twelve stuff all at once.

But anyway. Reading is also great for reviving inspiration, yo!

And you don’t have to read a whole book too! There have been plenty of times when I become inspired just from scrolling through Twitter, or reading on someone else’s comment section.

One of the many awesome things your brain could do is take in information – any information – and process it and create lots of data just from that one piece of information. Our brains are literally biological supercomputers!

3) Bore yourself out

Did you know that boredom is deeply connected with creativity?

Yes, you with your eyebrow skeptically raised. It’s true. Plenty of studies have shown that boredom is a key ingredient to creativity. I actually listed down some of these said studies in this post about boredom and creativity.

But the gist of it is this: When we’re bored, our brain goes into Incubation Mode. This also happens when we’re in a shower or sitting in a car in the middle of a heavy traffic. It’s when our mind wanders, sifting through one thought after another. That’s when inspiration to write — or any kind of inspiration, for that matter — is born.

Also, if you’re still skeptical with this whole boredom and creativity connection, Chris of McAdventure blog also has a blog post all about how boredom relates to creativity.

Do you have zero inspiration to write? Yeah, we've all been there. Click on the pin for 5 things you can try when this happens. #blogging

4) Take a break

I feel like in this Hustle Generation, pausing for a while just isn’t an option. Think about it. Do you know any person who hustles so hard, they forget time to take a break? I bet you do. And I bet you know more than one person.

In my household alone, I know three and I’m one of them.

The problem is, we’re brain-abusers. We try to squeeze out every ounce and make use of every neuron of the three-pound lump inside our skull. We try to cram in our day with as much tasks as we can manage to accomplish.

But see, here’s the thing:

Even our brains need downtime. It needs to rest and recover before tackling on another task. This is why adding in white space into your life is important. Even a thirty-minute break in between tasks goes a long way!

Becoming inspired is important in finishing that first draft, be it a first draft of a blog post or a novel. And your brain is right there at the dead center of it all. Take care of your brain, and you’ll surely slay that first draft!

5) Brainstorm with a friend

If you’re really stuck at a creative dead end, then you can always ask a friend to help you brainstorm. I highly recommend asking for a friend who gets it.

Like, if you’re stuck in writing a blog post, seek help from your blogger buddy. If you need help with worldbuilding, call your writer friend. These friends are much more empathetic with your creative woes than, say, your mom. (Though it doesn’t hurt to ask your mom for help too!)

Remember, it is definitely okay to ask for help, especially when you desperately need it.


What do YOU do when you have zero inspiration to write? Share your sage wisdom in the comments below!

XX Kate

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What can you do when you have zero inspiration to write? Read on for five things you can try.


This post came at the most perfect time, because I have NO inspiration at all right now!! This was such a lifesaver- thanks! <3

I’m glad I could help! And gosh, I feel you!! We’ve all been there more than once, and the next time is just as awful. Sigh.
I hope you’re filled with inspiration now though!

Evie says:

Ah I needed this post right now. I love changing up my environment but even that atm isn’t helping. Honestly think I meed to try taking a break and hope the creative juices start flowing again haha, loved this!

Evie x || https://eviejayne.co.uk

Certainly! Some things work wonders one time and then becomes ineffective the next time. But when nothing else works, I really vouch for taking a break! It’s like restarting the creative machine in you, you know? 😀 Have an inspiration-filled day, Evie!

Debbie J says:

Yes!! I absolutely love all your advice posts, you always have great tips and you’re so insightful about it all!

Aww thank you Debbie! I’m so glad you love it!!

Kelly says:

This post is perfect. I’m one of those people who never has inspiration to write but has so many ideas rattling around in my brain. I can’t wait to give some of these a try. And if reading inspires creativity then this is a good reason to buy some new books, right? Love this post!

I totally understand having too many ideas 24/7 and not having enough inspiration. And YAS, ANY REASON TO BUY A BOOK IS A GOOD REASON 😉 Thank you so much for dropping by, Kelly!!

kiya x says:

hi unicorn kateeee!

okay so i came to stalk your blog, with finding this specific post in mind. i love love love your words of wisdom!

so kiya kinda took a break from being creative (that period really really sucked because i really craved to be creative but i just couldn’t ya know) and then she decided to put into action your last step!

i’m very excited because i’ve been planning posts with the support of friends and bloggers which are gonna take me out of my comfort zone but also create consistency annnd help me grow as a creative person.

annnd i’m also gonna try to commit to learning to be creative with like paintbrushes and pencils so eeek excited and you bet im gonna come stalk your artsy works for ideas and advice

(also idk if it’s me being a doofus but i had trouble commenting in the reader because i couldnt find the comment button whoops?!)


Hi unicorn kiya!!! Ahhhhh

Thank you so much! I’m so happy this post helped you out. And omg??? I’m so so excited for your 2019!!! I saw your recent post and you’ve probably seen my shameless fangirling haha! Best of luck to you and your creative projects my sweet sweet human! Know that my inbox is ALWAYS open for you if you need any help 🙂

Also I think the comment thing is because I’m self-hosted now and not in WordPress.com? Idkkk I’ll try and investigate it *takes out Sherlock magnifying glass*

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