words from a summer many years ago

May 10, 2018; 10:38PM

Mayflies swarmed the streetlamps the day my heart was broken. 

Which is appropriate since mayflies swarmed the streetlamps the day I met you.
They entered through my button shirt sticking to my skin and making every cell in my body fluttery.
I am their wings in mating season, a flurry of incomprehensible mess, a buzzing vibration in tune to the music in my mind when you showed me your smile for the first time. 

I was quite eager to give in to all of it.

Since then I felt your presence painfully.
Like the bite of my newly bought pumps on my ankles.
It is the relentless voice call from a stranger who keeps asking me, “Is Raynold there?" when I know no Raynolds. At least... Not in this lifetime.
Perhaps in previous years when we met.


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