5 Pretty Color Pairs I’m in Love with Right Now

It’s been a year since I last shared my favorite color pairs on here. Between then and now, I’ve found some really awesome and super aesthetic color pairs. They inspired me with my blog’s new look and on my recent artworks.

I’m really loving pastels and neon colors these days, which is weird because I was never into these colors as a kid. I used to favor the bright, the deep and the neutral. Granted, my teen years were pretty much me in my goth and edgy “Don’t talk to me” phase so there’s that.

Anyway! Here are the 5 color pairs I’m loving at the moment!

But first, a disclaimer: None of the images I used in the collages below are mine and I will never claim them as mine. I found all of these via Pinterest and have made a board exclusively for this post. Please check out my Pinterest board if you want to know where I got them.

If any of the images below are yours and would like for me to take them down, please contact me through this page and I will do it as soon as possible. 🙂

Grey and Muted Pink

pink and grey - 5 color pairs I'm loving right now

What I absolutely love about this color pair is how it’s feminine but not overly so. Totally my cup of tea. I never liked greys in lighter shade before but they give this kinda moody, kinda aesthetic (?) vibe to it that I now absolutely love. And the pink is just a nice pop of color in contrast with that grey.

Magenta and Canary Yellow

magenta and canary yellow - 5 color pairs I'm loving right now

Magenta is another one of those colors that I never liked as a kid. My sis and I had this 480-color Crayola box and magenta was one of those colors we rarely use. It’s just, in my seven-year-old self’s eyes, magenta didn’t make sense. Like, is it red or is it purple?? It really confused me.

Now, I could fully appreciate its beauty. And because it’s such a vivid color, I usually pair it up with pastels or muted colors. Canary yellow is my fave to pair with magenta. A small area of the wall in my bedroom has this color pair and whenever I look at it, I’m just – it’s so beautiful.

Neon Blue and Ultraviolet

neon blue and ultraviolet - 5 color pairs I'm loving right now

Oh boi. As recent as when I was a freshman in college, I loathed neon. I hated it with passion. When I see neon, I run to the opposite side as fast as I can. But I’ve recently (like just this year recently) come to love neon colors. If you add in black, this color combo will be p e r f e c t. Neon colors just have this moody retro urban feel to them. It’s really great for creating atmosphere and moods in an illustration.

I tried to do it in a full-color illustration one time and… welp. It didn’t work. But it was probably because the paints I used were more muted. So I learned that if you want to recreate the neon look on watercolour, you’d need translucent paints for it.

Cerulean and Moss

cerulean and moss - 5 color pairs I'm loving right now

If Magenta was the color I rarely used as a kid, cerulean is the complete opposite. I freakin-loved this color! I would use it on every page of my coloring book. I’ve been saving nature landscapes from stock photo sites lately. I use them to practice on painting landscapes and I always get attracted to images with lots of blues and greens.

Blues and greens are classic color pairs that would always (always) work. I particularly love using cerulean with the less vibrant mossy green.

Mint and Peach

mint and peach - 5 color pairs I'm loving right now

*sigh* I love this color combo like you wouldn’t believe.

While I started to love pink, there’s nothing more beautiful than peach. Peach feels like it’s walking on that fine line between orange and pink, you know? I love that. And mint. Oh mint. I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s such a Gen Z color pair??? All pastel and bright and super aesthetic. This is the kind of atmosphere I want for my blog – fun and happy but also quite relaxing. I hope I achieved that 🙂


What are your favorite color combinations at the moment? Share them in the comments below! I’m always on the hunt for gorgeous colors 😉

xx Kate

PS. You can check out my previous post on color combos here!


Sapphire says:

All of these are GORGEOUS!! One of my favorites is a beige/sand color with cranberry red. So pretty!

Kate says:

AHH! I’m imagining that color pair right now, and excuse me while I sigh in color happiness. That. Is. GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing your favorite color pair 🙂

Alison says:

I love grey and pink, in fact, I recently did our master bedroom out in those colours. I also have a bit of a pale green, purple and pale pink thing going on in the living room. I really love the peach and mint green combo 🙂

Kate says:

Okay, I’m just imagining the pale green, purple and pink combination and my color-loving brain is DROOLING. I bet that living room is GORGEOUS!

Joy says:

All of these pairs are so beautiful! My two favorite pairs right now are aqua and coral. Mint and peach reminds me of a certain era, I just can’t pinpoint it though. The 50s or 60s maybe? It’s super cute and fun!

Kate says:

Awe thank you Joy! And aqua and coral is PER-FECT <3 I love that color combination! Yes, mint and peach is a cutesy pair with a retro vibe to it. I'd say 50s or 60s so you nailed that 🙂

Ok, it’s decided. You’re gonna help me with the colors of my future house. Done. Cause like oh mygoshhhhhhh I can’t, I just can’t. You have such a good eye Kate

Kate says:

Perhaps it’s the years of looking at the colors of my surroundings instead of the people I’m with? (Ohgod I was such a dorky kid!) But ahhhh! I’m totally visiting you in your future house and we could fangirl over interior design magazines over ice cream together <3

ignitedmoth says:

Ooh, nice pairings! 🙂 I especially like the grey and muted pink. <3

❤❤❤ I’m so late replying to this but yes, its a promise. And this honestly just made my whole day better.

Amy says:

oh MY GOSH! i absolutely LOVE the Neon Purple and Blue – super good theme for Halloween! I did a post entirely about Ultraviolet when it was named Pantone of the Year! Also love Peach and Mint too – my colour combo for summer.

You missed off Mustard though! Love a good Mustard! 😀

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