An Artsy Student’s Christmas Wishlist

Hello, hello everyone!

Have y’all done your Christmas shopping? Have you bought anything for your artsy friends? *hint hint* If not, I’ve got a few helpful gift ideas below. And I know these are what artsy students generally want because, well, I’m one. Hehe.


So this is my Christmas wishlist but it’s also a sort of gift idea for artsy students in general.



Seriously. Whoever invented journals is a genius. I’ve probably mentioned 659 posts ago that I collect journals and stenos just because I love writing random things in them. There are tons of journals out there–typical lined, the gorgeous and perfect-for-sketching unlined, and the dotted ones that are perfect for lettering and #bujo.

1. Twilight Garden Journal

2. Hydrangeas Journal

Planners & Agendas

Students typically need planners or agenda notebooks. That said, might as well get something pretty or artistic for your artsy friend.

3. Rifle Paper Co Midnight 2017 Agenda

4. Girl Crush 2017 Agenda

Art Materials & Supplies

They’re artsy; of course getting art supplies will excite them. I mean, I get sketchbooks for Christmas exchanges lots of times and I’m just happy to get them. A little caution for gifting art supplies, though: look for art materials with great enough quality. You can search for reviews in Amazon or pick highly-reputable brands.

5. Winsor & Newton Watercolor Half-Pan Set

6. Pentel Aquash Water Brush

Office Supplies

After art supplies, office supplies are my next favorite gift to receive! You’ll be sure that they’ll use the office supplies, whether for their school life or in their creative ventures. I particularly like to have these three below.

7. Brush Stroke Mug

8. Vintage Leather Pencil Case

9. Straight Magic Sticky Notes

When it comes to your artsy friends, I’m telling ya, you could never go wrong with an aesthetically-pleasing gift that’s also functional. I find that I appreciate a gift more if it was given more thought on how I can use it. And I’m sure a lot of other people think so too. 🙂

How about you? What do you want to receive this Christmas?

Happy giving, awesome peeps!🎁

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have 50 unused journals.
But still…I WANT MOREEE.

Lia says:

I love journals! I have written in almost every one of them, but most of them just lie around with a couple of pages filled with random ideas, sketches and things like that

Gayle says:

Omg! This is so perfect! It’s like artsy people have obsessions with notebooks/journals, paper (I know I do) and stationary supplies! YES! Any kind of art stuff! Ink, paint, etc.
Stuff. It’s like fangirling over ART STUFF and I love it!!!!!

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OMG I AM SO OBSESSED WITH JOURNALS LIKE I CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH. And that no Kiya, you can’t add another journal to your existing collections kills me a little. I adore the vivid leather journals with a cute raw quote stitched into it *sighs* one year, a friend got me paint and I was so touched

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