24 Good Deeds You Can Do Right Now (with little to no cost)

Simple Good Deeds You Can Do Right Now | Inspiration, Positivity, Holiday

One of the best things about the holiday season is the celebration, the gift-giving, and spreading love.

Also fun fact: did you know St. Nicholas (or Niklaus) was actually a 4th century bishop from what is now modern-day Turkey? He was known for giving gifts to children, among many other awesome deeds. There’s a very informative Twitter thread about this.

Simple Good Deeds You Can Do Right Now | Inspiration, Positivity, Holiday

So onto the spirit of the historically accurate St. Nicholas, here is a list of some simple yet wholesomely good things you can do right now that have little to no cost:

  • Compliment a stranger.
  • Greet the guards and school janitors.
  • Donate to a charity. For example: the rhinos will definitely appreciate your few bucks. Imagine a happy, healthy rhino. Save a rhino today.
  • Gift a bookworm a book you’ve read. Or, even better, gift them a book on their wishlist.
    Speaking of which, if you want to give a book to a marginalized teen, consider donating through Diverse Book Bridge.
    Not everyone has public libraries with an amazing array of books, much less an easy access to a public library. So reading a book with a great rep that the teen can absolutely relate to would be an awesome gift 🙂


  • Help someone cross the street.
  • Hug a friend.
  • Thank your parents.
  • Thank everyone who has impacted your life in some way this year. And American friends, I get it. This is what Thanksgiving is for but, I mean. Nothing wrong with expressing gratitude one more time this year, yes? 🙂
  • Tell your fam you love them.
  • Buy someone a coffee. Like me. I would greatly appreciate it if you buy me a coffee <3
  • Buy from a street vendor.
  • Treat retail workers and waiters like the actual human beings that they are.
  • Actually, treat any living thing like the actual live beings that they are. Translation: don’t be a jerk.
  • Listen to a geek geek out.
  • Be curious about someone else’s interests.
  • Don’t skip the ads.
  • Boost someone else’s project. Actually, boost anyone and everyone who needs more lovin’.

Here’s a quick list of awesome people and their projects that I want to boost:

<3 This video by Eden which sounds like a great idea we should all do every holiday.

<3 The Chameleon Project by anonora in which she will host a bunch of creatives in her blog next year.

<3 Maud of My Passion Projects whose blog I recently discovered and is a Super Awesome Blogger, no doubt about that.

<3 L.C. Fiore’s The Last Great American Magic, because it is an amazing read and must be read by everyone, in my opinion. Also, you can check out other novels by indie authors that I highly recommend here.

<3 Lia creating a database of publishers that send ARCs (or Advance Reading Copies*) to international reviewers.

  • Do your online shopping using someone’s affiliate link.
  • Use the correct pronouns.
  • Respect someone saying no. Actually, just respect everyone. Again, don’t be a jerk.
  • Reach out to friends you’ve gotten out of touch.
  • Leave thoughtful comments on videos and posts.
  • Share the content of your favorite creative.
  • Credit a creative’s work. This one I want everyone, especially myself, to be more aware of from now on.

Whew. This was supposed to be a 300+ short but sweet listicle post but I kind of got carried away…? So yeah hehe 😀

My point here is this: it does not cost you much to give something to other people. And you don’t necessarily have to give money or other material things. Even the things you thought was trivial can be a huge deal to someone else.

And so this list is a reminder to everyone, including myself, of the good things you can do to anyone right this moment. Pick one—or three or more—and share the holiday love 🙂

How else can you do something nice to someone with little to no cost? Share them below!


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PS: If you like this post, here are other little things you can do to spread love this holiday season.

* edit: I first wrote “author review copies” like the pathetic potato that I am lolol


OMG WOW KATE THIS IS SO SWEET OF YOU! Div Book Bridge is awesome. I’ve gotten City of Brass from them AND AGH IT’S SIGNED! They are so fab! I also DMed Lia about INTL publishers. BUT I MUST SKIP THE ADS KATE. haha. “Listen to a geek geek out.” IF ONLYYYY SOMEONE WOULN’T TELL ME “here she goes again” when i start fangirling IRL.

Marioness says:

Such a positive list! Love it! ❤

Elizabeth says:

I love this list! It makes me soul-happy.

I honestly try so hard to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone for like ALL of December. I also say Happy St Patricks to everyone ALL of March. Because St. Patrick’s Day is actually THE best day of the year.

But really, people don’t really smile and greet each other? So I kind of try and make up for it. And I love seeing people smile back!!!
Also, I’m an ENFP. So I live for seeing people smile.

ignitedmoth says:

Loving this list! <3 It's amazing how a simple kind gesture can really turn someone's day around. 🙂
And in regards to "Treat retail workers and waiters like the actual human beings that they are", YESSSSSS. This is something that seems like it should be so obvious and be a given, but I see people every day be rude to people in the retail or service industry and it's so messed up. I always try to be extra nice and polite since I remember how mad I'd get when I worked retail at the rudeness so many customers displayed on a daily basis. But I also remember how one positive experience with a customer could lighten my mood again and so I try to put that positive emotion back out there in case someone else is having one of those days.
This is a great list of suggestions and reminder for us all to be good to one another. Awesome post! <3

Kate says:

Yeah I see this issue plenty during big holidays on Twitter but also I just think it must be so hard to always be smiling and be extra nice round the clock to every stranger you meet. We could spare the retail workers and waiters the haughtiness 🙂
Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts! <3

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