Haircut, expectations and hope

painting of a blue haired girl wearing a long pixie hair cut

Hello friends.

I bring to you this small update from the safety of my home. And I’m guessing – nay, hoping – that you too are reading this from the safety of yours.

As you may have caught on from the above title, I had my hair cut a couple weeks back. I had this planned since last year. I was going to have my hair cut in a long pixie… which isn’t really any different from my short hair last year. Except last year it was a super short bob and this year I have a long pixie. But I disgress.

This is kinda the style I am going for. Funnily enough, I painted this to try out the two new brushes I bought a week before my haircut appointment.

Today, while listening to anime opening songs, I thought about how far I’ve come from high school. Haircut-wise. Back then, I was too afraid to do anything with my hair outside shoulder-length layered. (Man, seriously, the only variety year after year was whether I’ll have the edge blunt cut, v-cut or u-cut. Wow.)

That said, I made a short list of stuff I have yet to do with my hair:

Screenshot of list with text: "Stuff I haven't yet done to my hair: Bleach or color; Undercut; super short pixie cut; full on bangs (impulsive mistake made in third grade does not count)"

I really want to try all of these someday, at least once.

And I guess that’s it. Me thinking wistfully, hopefully, of a future where I become a littlestudent more adventurous with my hair. It seems like a silly thing, and perhaps in the far future I’ll reread this post and think, “God, 22-year-old Kate is a drama queen.

Well, to be honest, at this moment? With all of us right in the thick of things, I have no expectations. I don’t know what will happen. From where I stand, the future is a little blurry.

But I do have infinite hope.

Hope that we’ll all get through this, one way or another. That one day, we will step out into the concrete, onto the green grass. Smell the fresh air and shake hands with our neighbors and hug our friends. Happily and without any fear.

But for now, friends, I hope that you are well and staying at home for the duration of this pandemic.

Take care and wash your hands,



Hafsa says:

expecting to see the hair soon~ hehehe :))

Kate Ashley says:

I do plan on updating the about me page with a proper photograph hopefully when all this is behind us

Sapphire says:

While cutting hair seems like a small change for some, I find it to weirdly be a complete life changing experience! I donated 11 inches of my hair a while back, and it was such a dramatic change for me, but it made me feel a lot more confident! This was such an interesting and insightful post and I hope you are doing well. <3

Kate Ashley says:

Aww thank you ❤ 11 inches is extremely long (for me, at least haha) and having all that cut must have made your head feel so much lighter! I hope you’re well where you are too!

Alex Grace says:

Hope you are well too Kate xx

Kate Ashley says:

Thank you Alex. Hope you are well ❤

Joy says:

I went back to a pixie cut 6 weeks ago and I love it. Before my city went on lock down (saw it coming), I told my stylist to cut it REALLY short so it’s a pretty darn short pixie cut right now. I prefer a short pixie over a longish one… I say you should definitely try it and scratch that short pixie cut off your stuff-you-haven’t-done-to-your-hair-yet list. 🙂

Kate Ashley says:

Yes!! I’m thinking of cutting my hair real short as soon as it grows past chin length 🙂 Super short pixie will definitely be my next look!

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