Purple Hair Girl – Watercolor Portrait Timelapse

Hello! The past few weeks, I’ve been working more on my art so expect this space to be a bit quieter for a while. I’m still thinking about scheduling posts on here and the type of stuff I want to discuss often. I have some ideas that I hopefully will be able to work on, now that I’ve quit my job.

Anyweiz, here’s another portrait timelapse video I published on YouTube. Subscribe if you want but totally no pressure 🙂

Stay safe and, to my Filipino friends right now, dry!

Happy Sunday,



Weird Louise says:

Beautiful illustration! I haven’t had much time for art, but hopefully I’ll be able to return to it soon.

Kate Ashley says:

Thank you! Yes, contrary to popular belief, being in the middle of a pandemic and staying at home does not mean more time for art. I’ve only started to do it regularly the past week. Hope you’ll be able to return to it soon! ❤️

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