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6 Cozy Witchy Comics to read this Halloween

Like with Valentine’s Day, I don’t really have much care for Halloween as an occasion. But when I think of Halloween, I think of witches and cozy things. And if you’ve known me for a while, you will know that, for at least the past couple years now, I have a deep fascination with any kind of witch-themed media. Be it comics, movies, or games. Perhaps it’s because of how I fondly associate them with cottagecore and urban fantasy. Also, the witch-themed curated playlists on Youtube and Spotify are just the best for drawing or writing.

And so I thought, why not recommend some of my favorite cozy witch-related comics?

Note: Status and links below are for the official English licenses only. Simply because most of anyone who stumbles upon this blog are from Anglophone spaces. If you’d like to support the creator and purchase the original Japanese works and don’t know how to do that, feel free to comment down or contact me. I’m happy to guide you. 🙂 Please please read these works (and all comics!) on official sites and support them and their creators legally!